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CMC at the PLMA 2023

From May 23-24, 2023, CMC took part at PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association), the largest international trade show platform for the private label industry, as an exhibitor once again. This year’s show accounted for a record attendance of more than 16,000 trade professionals from 120 countries. About 2650 companies from 72 countries were represented as […]

Logistics partnership with further prospects of success

With signing the contract in December 2018, CMC starts its cooperation with the logistics service provider Hamacher Transporte, based in the Rurbenden industrial park. CMC and Hamacher are looking back on a successful construction phase from groundbreaking in February to completion in December 2019. Approximately one year after the start of construction, the project was […]

From education into profession

CMC has been a training company since 2012. We are proud to have been able to fulfill a takeover quota of 100% of our trainees so far. At our company headquarters, we employ several people in the HR team with instructor qualification certificates. Our trainees have a permanent contact person who is registered with the […]

Plastic free cotton swabs

Images of plastic waste in our oceans have prompted us to rethink the hygiene classic cotton swab, long a typical plastic product. Not only were the plastic shafts replaced by sustainable paper shafts. We go one step further and have also changed the entire packaging concept to recyclable paper packaging. Thus, a product that was […]

“Design for Recycling” – Recycling-friendly packaging design

In Europe, too, a not inconsiderable proportion of packaging waste unfortunately still ends up in landfills instead of being recycled. Therefore, it is our concern to promote circular economy and to contribute to a functioning recycling cycle with our packaging design. The basis for this is the so-called “Design for Recycling”, the recycling-friendly design of […]

Unbleached cotton pads

Why stop at going back to the original when it comes to absorbent cotton products? Naturalness is all the rage, which is why we have created a sustainability-oriented alternative to bright white bleached hygiene products with our natural cotton pads. No chemical bleaching process is used in the preparation of the raw cotton to produce […]

AHA + PHA Glow Peel Pads

Dull complexion adé! Chemical peels with mild fruit acids are considered effective beautifiers for the complexion. Our new Peel Pads with 10% AHA + PHA fruit acid complex leave the skin wonderfully soft and provide a fresh, radiant complexion. They contain a carefully balanced combination of selected fruit acids for optimum effect and tolerance. The […]

Biodegradable Peel Pad

Sustainability meets function and design. Aware of our responsibility for the environment, we have developed a peel pad that does not contain any environmentally harmful peeling agents. The innovative design coating with activated carbon provides the usual exfoliating effect, is free of microplastics and is also biodegradable*. If you don’t want to do without your […]

3D-structured pads

Complementing a wide range of embossed designs for cotton pads, our state-of-the-art nonwoven bonding process using water jet needling offers new surface design options for cotton pads. Instead of conventional embossing via printing, structuring by means of water jet enables a characteristic three-dimensional design of the pad surface. This creates raised and flat areas that […]