AHA + PHA Glow Peel Pads

Dull complexion adé!

Chemical peels with mild fruit acids are considered effective beautifiers for the complexion. Our new Peel Pads with 10% AHA + PHA fruit acid complex leave the skin wonderfully soft and provide a fresh, radiant complexion. They contain a carefully balanced combination of selected fruit acids for optimum effect and tolerance. The proven AHA complex of glycolic acid and lactic acid acts like a freshening cure for the skin, effectively ridding it of dead skin cells and thus supporting the skin’s own cell renewal. PHA acids are among the particularly well-tolerated exfoliating agents, as their larger molecular structure means that they penetrate the skin more slowly and have extremely low irritation potential. In addition, they bind moisture in the skin cells and thus increase skin hydration. Our soft, ready-to-use pads eliminate the hassle of dispensing exfoliating fluids, are plastic-free and made of 100% cotton. An effective beauty “must-have” with an extra portion of convenience.