We understand sustainability as a development that is in keeping with our times and at the same time safeguards the basis of life for future generations.

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Zitat von Dr. Rainer Mangold
A viable corporate strategy for the future is based on sustainability. Environmentally and socially compatible value creation and associated profitable growth require a systematic approach and transparency. Dr. Rainer Mangold

Our sustainability vision

Being successful together. Growing together.

Sustainable cosmetic, medical and hygiene products at a fair price – we want to make this possible by supporting the clear objective of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and achieving climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest. In addition, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030 serve as important guidelines for our economic activities.

Even before acting ecologically to protect the environment and the climate, we as a company also have a social responsibility for employees, partners and customers along our entire value chain and beyond.
Although we are not yet perfect in all areas, we have a clear motivation to get a little better every day.

The following graphic visualizes our strategy to achieve these goals.

Our sustainability efforts are guided by the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The Paris Agreement has the ambitious goal of limiting climate change to 1.5 degrees Celsius in terms of global warming. To achieve this, greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions must be reduced as far as possible in order to achieve a climate-neutral world.

We achieve the goals of our sustainability strategy through defined standards and measures and by dividing our responsibility into three areas: Economy, Ecology and Social.

Economic responsibility


  • Long-term, value-oriented corporate strategy
    A solid basis for all our activities lies in the economic success of the CMC Group and is reflected in our corporate values regarding a high customer and performance orientation as well as a passionate, agile team.
  • Fair business practice
    We work in accordance with applicable law and international laws and standards of conduct, including anti-corruption measures, whistleblower mechanisms and responsible marketing.

Ecological responsibility: Sustainable value creation & climate neutrality

Product and packaging design, production processes and logistics

Our vision is to minimize negative environmental impacts. Our R&D managers, our plants and our supply chain and logistics departments are therefore working towards continuous improvement in terms of:

  • Renewable and biodegradable raw materials
    We have switched our cotton swabs, which used to contain over 80% plastic, to 100% biodegradable cotton and FSC paper in terms of product and packaging specifications.
  • Resource efficiency: material savings and minimization of production waste
    We now reuse about 6,000 tons of our die-cutting grids from cotton pads 100% in the production process after appropriate reprocessing.
  • Circular economy: upcycling and processing of recyclate
    All our packaging have mono materials with high recyclability and we use up to 80% recyclate in many cosmetic packaging.
  • Environmentally and energy certified production sites: ISO 14001 and ISO 50001
    Our plants operate a systematic environmental and energy management system. Modern machinery ensures energy efficiency and meets the highest safety and occupational health and safety requirements.
  • Reduction of fossil energy sources and CO2 emissions
    At the company headquarters, we have already been able to use over 80% of our electricity generated via our photovoltaic system ourselves over the past three years.

Social responsibility

Human rights, diversity and inclusion

We have a common understanding throughout the company with regard to the following principles:

Human Rights

Across our supply chains, we stand for the protection of human rights and distance ourselves from all forms of forced labor, child labor and abuse.


We try to be transparent about our vision and progress through certificates and internal and external communication.

Supply chain due diligence

We extend our responsibility to our supply chain and also hold our upstream suppliers, partners and sales intermediaries accountable.

Labor practices

We are committed to promoting diversity, inclusion and equal treatment and to eliminating all discrimination in the workplace. Our company ensures a healthy and safe working environment for creativity and performance.


At CMC, we live diversity: the employees at our five locations in Germany, Spain, France and Turkey work hand in hand every day. The ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical characteristics or religious beliefs of the individuals are irrelevant to us.

Our strength lies in our diversity, because only together can we achieve our goals. Thanks to the diverse skills, experience and perspectives that each individual brings to the table, we are well equipped to face new challenges and overcome them together. It remains an important task to break down barriers and prejudices and thus pave the way for a colorful future together.


Our sustainability efforts in the areas of economy, ecology and social affairs are certified by the following standards:


As a Sedex member, we stand for responsible business, responsible sourcing and improving ethical standards and working conditions within the supply chain.

Sedex / SMETA standard

amfori is the world’s leading business association for open and sustainable trade. Our vision is a world in which all trade brings social, environmental and economic benefits to all. See

amfori business association

In our Fairtrade Cotton labeled products, all cotton is certified to Fairtrade standards, allowing Fairtrade cotton producers to benefit from fairer trading conditions and achieve social and environmental improvements. See

Product seal
Fairtrade Cotton Seal

The FSC® seal on our wood- and paper-based products or packaging supports the responsible use of the world’s forests.

Product seal
Forest Stewardship Council®

Our vegan products are certifiable with the Vegan Society’s International Vegan Label (also known as the Vegan Flower) and meet the UK Vegan Society’s Vegan Standard.

Product seal
Vegan trademark

Our products with the ’Nordic Swan’ eco-label meet strict environmental criteria with regard to the materials used and manufacturing processes. Nordic Swan-certified hygiene products contribute to general well-being through strict chemical requirements for materials and end products.

Product seal
Nordic Swan Ecolabel

We manufacture sustainable cotton products in accordance with the world’s leading GOTS standard for organic fibers, which ensures compliance with ecological and social criteria for the entire textile supply chain.

Product seal
Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS

With the certification according to ISO 14001, we define the requirements and goals for our environmental management system.

Environmental management system
ISO 14001

With certification in accordance with ISO 50001, we document a systematic energy management system at our plant in Düren.

Energy management system
ISO 50001


We have set ourselves ambitious goals for the future in terms of sustainability and are proud to already be making a difference with concrete results and projects.

Images of plastic waste in our oceans have prompted us to rethink the hygiene classic cotton swab, long a typical plastic product. Not only were the plastic shafts replaced by sustainable paper shafts. We go one step further and have also changed the entire packaging concept to recyclable paper packaging.…
In Europe, too, a not inconsiderable proportion of packaging waste unfortunately still ends up in landfills instead of being recycled. Therefore, it is our concern to promote circular economy and to contribute to a functioning recycling cycle with our packaging design. The basis for this is the so-called…
Why stop at going back to the original when it comes to absorbent cotton products? Naturalness is all the rage, which is why we have created a sustainability-oriented alternative to bright white bleached hygiene products with our natural cotton pads. No chemical bleaching process is used in the preparation…