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Status: 31.01.2023

We, CMC Consumer Medical Care GmbH, hereinafter collectively “CMC”, use cookies within our online offers (e.g. on websites, in browser-based applications or in apps) as well as other technologies with which information can be collected that we need to provide functions within our online offers and to improve our online offers. Some of the cookies or other technologies used require your explicit consent. We ask you to consent to its use so that you can take full advantage of all the features provided by our online offerings. We are providing this notice to you in order to comply with our legal obligation and to inform you about which cookies are used when you use our online services and how we protect your privacy in the process.

We refer in this Cookie Policy to all technologies, including cookies, web beacons, pixels, as well as script trackers and other programmatic client-side technologies that may collect user information, explain their purpose, the extent of their use, and provide you with ways that you can manage and control the behavior of these technologies. In the broadest sense, cookies also include content or service offers from third-party providers, such as for the integration of videos, maps or the use of certain fonts or for the provision of administrative or other functions that are integrated into our online offers. For these third-party providers, it is always possible to draw conclusions about the respective user, since they need the user’s IP address to provide them with their offers. For the sake of consistency, all of these methods are referred to collectively as “cookies” in the following, if no explicit differentiation is made between individual methods.

This Cookie Policy applies to our online offers under the domain “” and associated subdomains as well as to further online offers of CMC, as far as they refer to this Cookie Policy. This cookie policy can be accessed, saved and printed out at any time within our online offers. By using our online services, you agree that we may use cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy.

Cookies and other technologies are used to enable certain functions within online offerings, e.g., to recognize a user, to store a user’s preferences, to uniquely assign temporary transaction or transaction-related data to a user, to store additional security information when a user logs into his or her user account, or to collect information about the use of an online offering and to improve its use. These technologies are also used by almost all online offerings to detect whether the respective online offering has already been accessed with the same end device and the same browser, in order to adapt and in some cases vary the content displayed depending on this.

Cookies and other technologies may be used by CMC, but also by other third parties. This includes content such as videos, online-based applications or analytical tools that help us improve our online offerings, as well as content that is activated on a user-dependent basis, such as clicks on “share” buttons that allow content from our online offerings to be shared on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. This cookie policy applies equally to the cookies of third-party providers. Whether a cookie comes from a first-party provider or a third-party provider depends on the domain placing the cookie. First-party cookies are cookies placed by the online services that the user visits. Third-party cookies are cookies placed by a domain other than the domain of the online services that the user is visiting. Third-party providers place their cookies in online offers of the initial provider, insofar as they provide technologies that the initial provider uses within the online offers or provides to its users.

Cookies can only be read by the online offer from which the cookie originates. Cookies do not normally collect personal data that is stored on your terminal device. Cookies are merely the key with which a connection to personal data can be established, if this data has been collected at all. Cookies can be classic text-based cookies, web beacons, pixels or scripts.

Persistent cookies are stored for a duration specified in the cookie on the end device with which our online offers are used. These cookies are created the first time you visit our online offers, unless browser settings generally prevent this, and are reactivated for each subsequent visit, provided that this visit is made with a terminal device on which a cookie is already present.

Session cookies enable the operators of online offers to record the actions of a user during a browser session and to relate them to each other. A browser session begins when the browser is opened and ends when the browser is closed. Session cookies are deleted as soon as the browser is closed.

Web beacons and pixels are files that are integrated into an online offer and are requested by the browser of the accessing user. They allow log file recording and log file analysis, which can be used for statistical analysis. Information such as the IP address, the browser used or the operating system of the accessing system may be transmitted.

Script trackers and other client-side programmatic technologies are small JavaScript-based programs, or programmatic content based on other technologies, which can provide functionality that enables recognition of a browser. You do not have to store any data on the accessing end device. These technologies are only used if they are supported by the accessing user’s browser and are activated.

Since many providers use more than one of the above technologies, these “cookies” are summarized below according to their purpose as well as the assigned source domain.

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1. what cookies do we use?

Cookies are usually divided into five categories depending on their function, the technology used and their purpose: necessary cookies, analytical cookies, functional cookies and targeting cookies. Below we define the individual cookie categories.

1.2 Necessary cookies:
Necessary cookies enable navigation within our online offers and the provision of essential functions that would not work without the use of cookies, or that we could not offer in the current form without restrictions on use. This includes the provision of specially secured areas that may receive personal user data or enable payment activities. These areas are provided to protect our users’ data only after successful user authentication. With the help of necessary cookies – as one of several methods used at the same time – we also ensure that the user requesting a sensitive information has successfully authenticated himself beforehand in order to prevent misuse of the information stored by us elsewhere. In addition, settings such as language, location, and display-optimizing information such as screen resolution or buffer size can be stored. Necessary cookies are not used for advertising purposes and are likewise not used to collect behavior-based information about the users of our online offers. However, in order to provide you with our online offers accordingly, it is necessary to use necessary cookies. We do not require your consent for the use of these necessary cookies.

1.3 Functional cookies (preferences):
We use functional cookies to store user decisions that affect the behavior of our online services. Functional cookies allow us to offer personalized features, such as content tailored to individual user needs. For example, we can reactivate your last-used search filters or check whether we have already drawn your attention to offers. Additional information may be held on our systems for this purpose and linked to functional cookies. These features help us tailor our online offerings to your individual needs and improve your user experience. For the optimal use of our online offers, it is therefore necessary that you accept this type of cookies. Unless you accept functional cookies, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to make full use of our online services. Functional cookies can also be managed by third parties. Information on the protection of personal data for these cookies can be found on the websites of these third parties.

1.4 Analytical cookies (statistics):
Analytical cookies are used to collect information about the use of online services. This type of cookie helps us to further improve our offerings, provides us with information about the behavior of our users and helps us to identify and eliminate difficulties or errors in the use of our online offerings. It also allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising efforts and improve the quality of the advertising displayed to our users. These cookies are not linked to information that can identify individual users. Analytical cookies can also be managed by third parties. Information on the protection of personal data for these cookies can be found on the websites of the third parties.

1.5 Targeting cookies (marketing):
We or service providers contracted by us may use targeting cookies that are used to show you product information that is more relevant to you and based on your interests. They also help us improve the efficiency of our advertising campaigns. For example, targeting cookies allow us to limit the number of advertisements you see or to recognize when you have responded to advertisements from us. These cookies can be used to recognize individual users and to record which information within our online offers has been particularly relevant for you. This information may be shared by us with advertisers engaged by us and may be linked by them to information from other sources of personal data as well. This also includes data that has been collected about you when using other online services. These third parties also allow you to control your settings as well as your personal preferences regarding the collection of personal information by third parties. This means that you will no longer receive advertisements that have been tailored to your needs based on the information collected about you. Please note that you must adjust your settings accordingly on each end device and for each browser with which you use our offer. Even if such cookies are not used, you may be shown advertisements from us. This advertising is displayed to users in certain target-group-specific environments on the Internet and is comparable to the broadcast of television commercials: If you watch a travel magazine, for example, you will be shown commercials related to travel topics correspondingly more frequently during commercial breaks. If targeting cookies are managed by third parties, the information on personal data protection for these cookies can be found on the websites of these third parties.

2. how do i manage cookies?

We use cookies for a wide variety of reasons mentioned above. Please note that not all features of our online services may be available if you block, delete or disable cookies.

Provided that consent (cf. Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a) DS-GVO, in Germany also § 25 para. 1 sentence 1 TTDSG) is required for the use of certain cookies, we will only use these cookies if you have given your prior consent. When you visit one of our online offers, we will add a so-called “cookie banner” with which you can confirm your consent to the use of cookies within the respective online offer by clicking on a button. Your consent is also stored in the form of a cookie (“opt-in cookie”) on your device in order to determine whether you have already given your consent when you visit our online offers again. The opt-in cookie has a limited validity period of 12 months.

We do not require consent for the necessary cookies, because without them it would not be possible to display the website. The data processing is based on our legitimate interest in providing the website and its functionalities (see Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) DS-GVO, in Germany also § 25 para. 2 No. 2 TTDSG).

You can manage, disable and delete cookies in your browser, but also permanently prevent the acceptance of cookies. To do this, you need to enable the browser function that prevents cookies from being stored and/or browse in privacy mode, depending on which browser you use. To manage cookies, most browsers allow you to accept or reject all cookies or accept only certain types of cookies. For more information on managing, disabling, and deleting cookies, see your browser’s help function.

For more information about cookies used for advertising purposes and how to enable them, see the information provided by the Internet advertising industry on behavioral advertising and online privacy at: or

3. changes, updating, effectiveness, questions, privacy information

This cookie policy may change from time to time, for example in the event of a change in the legal situation or technical changes to our online offers. For these reasons, we reserve the right to change this Cookie Policy at any time and without notice and to use additional or different cookies. The amended Cookie Policy will apply from the time of its publication and will always be available in its current form on our online offers. By continuing to use our Online Offerings after the changes to the Cookie Policy have become effective, you agree to the revised Cookie Policy. If you have any further questions about the use of cookies within our online offers, you can contact our data protection officer via [email protected]. Please include your consent ID and date when contacting us regarding your consent.

You can find more information about the processing of your personal data here.

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