CMC Consumer Medical Care GmbH


Solutions for a gentle start in life.

Only few product areas are equally sensitive. Nowhere can so much trust be built up in a label, but it can also be destroyed.

CMC offers you a range of baby cotton wool pads, safety buds, nursing pads and care mats. And so, right from the very beginning, you can launch an all-out campaign in the baby care segment with the ideal product line.

Baby Cotton Wool Pads

Ideal for the especially gentle, natural cleaning of baby's soft and sensitive skin:

- Extra soft
- Dermatologically tested
- Can be embossed with various children's motifs

Safety Cotton Wool Buds

Adapted precisely to the special features of baby's ears. With extra safety zone, so that the bud cannot enter too far into the ear canal. Individually printable e.g. with children's motifs.

Nursing Pads

Extremely comfortable to wear because of soft, anatomical shape:

- With fixing strips for secure hold in the bra, no slipping
- Suction core safely absorbs milk that flows out
- Breathable outer fleece

Care Mats

The care mat provides hygienic protection when changing nappies:

- Especially soft dry fleece
- Highly effective cellulose flocking
- Can be folded very small and can be used any number of times

Baby Wet Wipes

Baby wipes impregnated with an especially sensitive cleansing lotion for daily care. The unique texture and material of our baby wipes guarantee a gentle and especially thorough cleansing and give the baby a complete good feeling.