CMC Consumer Medical Care GmbH


Solutions for a more mature society.

Enormous progress in medicine and greater diet awareness are changing society. Many people are growing considerably older and want to lead an active, fulfilled life when they retire. Exploding costs for senior citizens' homes make home care a "megatrend".

CMC offers you a wide range of innovative home care products for your trade brands. Here we focus both on the requirements of active senior citizens and the demands made on products for home care.

Incontinence products

Products for für slight, medium and severe Incontinence:

- Hygiene Pads
- Fixation Pants
- Pull-up Pants

Care Products

Products especially for caring for intensively stressed, older skin:

- Wash Lotion
- Care Lotion
- Care Pads

Supplementary Products

Products for home care.

- Underpads
- Bibs
- Gloves