CMC Consumer Medical Care GmbH


Traditionally innovative.

A concept for the future, yet committed to tradition. CMC was established in July 2005 as a 100% subsidiary of Paul Hartmann AG – with a clear objective: combining the experience from over 150 years in the hygiene and medical sector with the skills of a specialized team consisting of consumer and retail experts.

Paul Hartmann sen. (1812-1884)

The origin and core competence of the Hartmann Group is a groundbreaking innovation from the 19th century. It was then that the German Professor Victor von Bruns succeeded in degreasing cotton. As a result, the material was able to absorb much more liquid than ever before.

A revolutionary turning point in the history of modern wound treatment. And the birth of a new branch of industry - from a textile to a medical company - which was created by a visionary entrepreneur: Paul Hartmann senior. He is considered to be the pioneer of the industrial production of medical dressings in Germany, and he set new standards.

Innovation is still our most important driving force today. Efficient processes, flat hierarchies and customerorientation characterize our method of working. A high degree of flexibility and conceptional creativity make CMC the ideal partner for solutions in the dynamic consumer goods market.