CMC Consumer Medical Care GmbH


Cosmetic Care

Aesthetics and cleanliness, convenience and sustainability. Modern cosmetic products have to meet numerous requirements and need to be constantly further developed.

Our cosmetic care range combines aspects of cleansing and skincare with ease of use and storage. From moist cotton wool pads and buds in standard quality to individually developed product innovation. CMC offers numerous materials and additives, such as organic cotton or Aloe vera. So that you can adapt your products flexibly to current market developments and future trends at any time.

Cosmetic Pads

The individual world of cotton wool pads:

- Different pad sizes and pad thicknesses
- High quality additives such as Aloe vera
- Innovative micro-fibre
- Wide range of different printed motifs and packaging

Cosmetic Lotion Pads

- Make-up Removal
- Eye-Make-up Removal
- Peeling
- Nail Polish Removal

Cotton Wool Buds

With CMC you set new accents in the field of dry and impregnated cotton wool buds:

- Innovative packaging e.g. Centerpress Box
- Cosmetic Buds
- Cosmetic Oil Buds

Cosmetic Wet Wipes

Especially soft cosmetic wipes impregnated with a mild and fragrant cleansing lotion for a thorough removal of even water-resistant make-up. Cosmetic wipes combine cleansing and care aspects with an easy way to use and store.

Intimate Wet Wipes

Intimate wipes impregnated with a mild cleansing lotion for daily freshness. The wipes are handy and convenient to use. They guarantee gentle cleansing of the sensitive skin.